Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Otw balik lawas

Dah pernah naik Twin Otter? kalau tak pernah, jom ...

hehe....ble tngok pilot dari tmpt duduk

"Fasten urseatbelt and ready to take off"

Tak ingat ni kat kawasan mana...yang penting ni kat Sarawak.

Through the windows at my seat

Read all the information about ur own safety when u fly wif twin otter first

Hmm....i guess everythng juz ok..hehe...tak faham satu mende pun ^^

Beliau sangat fokus

Another 10 years fr now, this river will create more than 1 horse-shoe lake in this area

The "Buttons"..hehe..

You can see it only in Twin Otter

Nak cuba....tp entah bla la dpt... 

Btol3x ^^


This is my primary school, S.K Agama (MIS) Lawas, Sarawak

Ready to landing at Lawas Airport

Alhamdulillah....Tiba dengan selamat ...

Experience this journey yourself. Let see whether you can handle your  fear flying in the small aircraft. From Lawas, you can use the same type of aircraft to Ba'kalalan. Place where you can taste the fresh Malaysia's Apple straight from the Apple's farm.But remember, ask the farm's owner first ok...hehe


aswadz said...

mcm menarik jek..

Dunia Alwani said...

heee ^^ jemput2 le dtg

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